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You’ve spent decades trying to save for retirement, always wondering whether it will be enough. And when the time comes to use that money, how will you proceed? Winter Troxel has written this book to help readers understand the many daunting issues of retirement planning. In clear, straightforward, language—punctuated by humor, illustrative anecdotes, and informative charts—he empowers readers to create an achievable plan for a rewarding future, while demystifying such matters as sequence of returns, Social Security, and asset allocation. In his foreword, retirement expert Abe Ashton says, “Trust me when I tell you that I have never come across a retirement book that offers so much useful information in such a concise, easy-to-understand, enjoyable context.”

With this valuable book, a secure retirement is just seven steps away.

Determine the Appropriate Income Strategy

Understand What is Essential to Your Quality of Life

Learn How to Maximize Your Fixed Income

Match the Use and Purpose of Your Money

Create a Distribution Plan

Create a Retirement Allocation

Have a Master Plan for Retirement

“There are many books out there on retirement… some weighty tomes and some light as a feather. Some offer sound advice while others rely on age-old formulas and “truisms” that just don’t hold up in today’s complicated environment. I have read a lot of these and I can honestly tell you that Winter Troxel has succeeded where many others have failed.”

Abe Ashton

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